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Ben Day

Guest Host, Music was my first love, 30th May 2010

Ben Day is one half of the duo who wake up thousands of people every morning across Shakespeare Country and The Vale. Touch Breakfast with Ben & Louisa is on air each day from 6am until 10am on 102 Touch FM - Warwickshire and The Cotswolds' number one commercial radio station.

Ben says "It's the best job in the world. We have the most creative listeners who pick up what we say and run with it."

Born at an early age, Ben's first attempt at radio involved taping radio shows to play to his parents at home. At the tender age of fifteen, Ben got his first taste of live radio presenting travel new bulletins on BBC local radio stations around the Midlands, and even some national ones. After a year of working on the radio at the weekends, his focus turned to his studies, and he "accidentally" ended up working as a store manager for a fashion retailer.

He never lost his passion for radio - and four years later swapped shops for studios and got back to doing the job he loves. His breakfast show has launched two brand new radio stations, which he explains as "pure coicidence ... I was in the right place at the right time. Oh and I was cheaper than anyone else!"

Ben's been getting up before the milkman for five years now - he says "the bags under my eyes are  a permanent fixture. I'm normally in bed by nine, so if I nod off during the concert, it's because it's past my bed time."

He's been on air in some weird and wonderful places: "I was one of the last people to ride the Corkscrew ride at Alton Towers Resort — and of course I took my microphone with me."

He recently completed his second season of pantomime in Jack and the Beanstalk at the Royal Spa Centre in Leamington.

Hear Ben on 102 Touch FM weekdays from 6 am.

Notes as printed in the concert programme for 30th May 2010. All rights reserved